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An idea, an entrepreneur!


This could be the motto of the UM6P, which sees in everyone's creativity a wonderful springboard towards new technological solutions capable of responding to African and even global challenges.


Today, 3 out of 4 young Africans are attracted to entrepreneurship, boosted by public measures favorable to creation and by easier access to information in the various sectors of activity. Queen of entrepreneurship, Africa is ahead of other countries, both in terms of percentage of the population and in terms of equality. African women do it! (source Le Monde)


The UM6P wants to give young people chances to challenge the future through scientific research and the daring innovations that result from it because it knows that the rise of this entrepreneurial capacity is also a source of attractiveness for investors in whole world betting on Africa.


The university has a responsibility, that of supporting, in a regional context, Africans with ideas who work together to meet the challenges they face. They know that their continent welcomes an increasing number of young people who must ensure their own future, take their main son in an entrepreneurial spirit to guarantee their own independence and guide Africa towards a profitable issue.


It is with this vision of an omnipresent entrepreneurial spirit and lever for success that the UM6P strives to stimulate this potential among all students, regardless of their area of ​​learning.



Let's stay professional!


The Company, if it offers the creator the opportunity to flourish while ensuring his future, also involves the implementation of skills essential to his success. From an innovation or a creative idea of ​​service, an entrepreneur and his business can be born but the UM6P intends to guide, support and make this initiative more reliable so that it is transformed, developed and perpetuated for the benefit of the greatest number and more particularly for the benefit of its creator.

An essential value of UM6P, innovation is initiated, stimulated and transformed into a solution or service via incubation and acceleration programs for start-ups and a buoyant ecosystem made available to creators to support them.




To be able to master his project, the future entrepreneur must be trained in leadership and different softskills that will help him navigate the world of entrepreneurship, manage his interlocutors (customers, suppliers, financiers and public bodies) and to work as a team to come up with viable solutions on the markets. You may be entering UM6P with a project that will give it every chance of success, whatever its level of advancement.

Beyond the classic knowledge acquisition path, the University develops in you a sense of listening to your human and territorial environment and your ability to take charge of all the elements available to take advantage of them.

Any project is a mini company whose management consists in analyzing the initial challenge in order to better deploy the human, logistical and financial resources available and required.