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School of Agriculture, Fertilizers and Environmental Sciences (ESAFE).

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School of Agriculture, Fertilizers and Environmental Sciences (ESAFE)




ESAFE is a new school of agriculture within UM6P that aims to be a leader in Africa in education and research. ESAFE trains experts in agriculture to contribute to food security by furthering research, improving fertilizers and plant products, and improving water and soil management. The ESAFE programs address relevant topics, including Biotechnology and AgroBioSciences, fertilizers, environment and crop productivity through continuing education and executive Master’s programs accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research. The course content provide the knowledge required to increase crop productivity and sustainability, which should contribute to food security. The Master’s program also provide students with information appertaining to the development and marketing of agricultural products or signing up for doctoral studies.




ESAFE is a multilingual and innovational research and training institution whose mission is as follows:

  • To conduct relevant high-standard fundamental and applied research that forms the core of the training while considering the requisites of the socio-economic community and society and a proclivity to develop new technologies for sustainable and competitive agriculture. 
  • To provide competitive training with a focus on human values and a strong foundation of technical and managerial skills and to prepare future engineers, technicians and researchers to manage complexity in a multicultural context and cope with complexities with a view to integrate an increasingly competitive and global labor market. 
  • To have an intellectual and social influence materialized by interactions with external environments, both in Morocco and internationally.



Pr. Faouzi BekkaouiExpert in plant genetics

Faouzi Bekkaoui is the Director of the Agriculture School at the University Mohammed 6 Polytechnic (UM6P) and coordinator of AgroBioSciences Research in Benguerir, Morocco, starting April 1st 2017. Prior to joining UM6P, he was the Executive Director of the Wheat Improvement Flagship Program at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in Saskatoon between December 2012 and March 2017. He also served during this time as the chair of the Canadian Wheat Alliance Management Committee. 
Faouzi obtained his grade 12 in Berkane (Morocco) in 1978, then a Bachelor in Physiology (Maîtrise) at the University François Rabelais in Tours in 1982 and a PhD in Plant Physiology at the University of Paris 6 in 1986. He then went to Canada where he worked as a post-doctoral fellow and research associate at the NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute (PBI) in Saskatoon in the fields of plant molecular biology and biotechnology. In 1993, Faouzi joined the ID Biomedical Corporation in Vancouver to manage research and product development projects involving DNA diagnostics. In 1999, Faouzi assumed the position of Laboratory Manager with GenServe Laboratories at the Saskatchewan Research Council. He joined Genome Prairie in April 2003 as Project Manager of its "Enhancing Canola Through Genomics" project — a collaborative initiative that involved NRC and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  In 2006, Faouzi rejoined NRC-PBI as Program Manager of Seed Systems. In subsequent roles, he served as Acting Research Director, the leader of the “Biorenewable Oils for Food and Fuel” Program and Associate Director of PBI prior to the role of Executive Director.
During his career, Faouzi has co-authored 32 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of DNA diagnostics, molecular biology, genomics and plant physiology. He holds three U.S. patents involving DNA diagnostics. During his carriere he delivered many seminars in the area of plant biotechnology to the public, schools and at national/international conferences.



Pr. JAbdelaziz Yasri  Expert en Valmorisation des Agri-ressources 

Pr Abdelaziz Yasri est titulaire d'un doctorat en biophysique et biotchnologie à l’université Montepllier II en France et d'un MBA en Montpellier Business School. Il est actuellement professeur à l'Université polytechnique Mohammed VI au Maroc. 

Pr A. Yasri a plus de 25 ans d’expérience dans les domaines universitaire, des start-ups et des biotechnologies. Il a travaillé dans des sociétés de biotechnologie en France, en Belgique et aux États-Unis où il a occupé plusieurs postes en tant que scientifique principal. 

Pr A. Yasri a été l'un des fondateurs des sociétés Nova Decision et OriBase Pharma, où il est nommé directeur scientifique chez OriBase Pharma. 

Pr A. Yasri est fondateur et président de la Société marocaine de chimie thérapeutique et membre du conseil d'administration de la Fondation arabe pour la science et la technologie. Il a publié plus de 25 articles scientifiques dans des revues internationales et 9 brevets internationaux dans le domaine de la biotechnologie. Il travaille au sein du programme AgroBioSciences et mène des recherches sur la valorisation de la biomasse pour le développement des biostimulants, des biofertilisants, des biopesticides et des agro-ressources à l'Université polytechnique Mohammed VI au Maroc.


El gharrouss

Pr. Mohammed El Gharrouss Expert in Agriculture