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Tuition fees:

For the 2020-2021 academic year, tuition fees at UM6P are as follows:


  • Post Bac Program in Architecture: Registration fees: 5,000.00 dhs + Tuition: 80,000.00 dhs/yr

  • Preparatory Cycle and Engineering Cycle: Registration fees: 5,000.00 dhs + Tuition: 75,000.00 dhs/yr

  •  Fundamental Undergraduate Programs (Bac+3): Registration fees: 5,000.00 dhs + Tuition: 60,000.00 dhs/yr

  • Professional Undergraduate Programs (Bac+3): Registration fees: 5,000.00 dhs + Tuition vary between 50,000.00 and 55,000.00 dhs/yr depending on the program

  • Master’s Programs (2 years after Bac+3): Registration fees: 5,000.00 dhs + Tuition: 75,000.00 dhs/yr

  • School of Hospitality Business and Management (1 preparatory year + 3,5 year Bachelor Degree): Registration fees 5,000 dhs + Tuition 75,000 dhs/yr.

Besides courses, these fees include access to the Learning Center and sports facilities.

A few fees may however vary depending on the establishment. We invite you to contact the establishment that interests you for more specific information.

Complementary fees include:

  • Housing fees in campus residences : 1000 dhs per month/ 10,000 dhs in a year

  • Catering fees (based on consumption). Meals can be taken in the cafeteria or in the University restaurant.

  • Cost of textbooks, school supplies and living expenses

Registration fees and study fees are payable at the time of registration. Payment facilities, in several installments, are however possible for study fees only. We invite you to discuss this with us during the administrative registration formalities for the start of the school year.


A scholarship scheme allows (mainly via the OCP Foundation) to support academically outstanding students who do not have the necessary personal resources by partially or totally covering living expenses (accommodation / meals) and by the partial or total exemption tuition fees.


As such, students in fulltime programs can benefit from a dual system of scholarships:

  • Academic scholarships, based on academic excellence and awarded in relation to entrance examinations results, and intended to cover all or part of the tuition fees over the duration of the studies.

  • Financial Aid Grants, awarded annually by the Scholarships Committee based on social criteria, according to family income and expenses, and intended to cover all or part of the costs of housing and meals, and tuition fees not covered by an excellence-based scholarship. Social grants are awarded following the formulation of an application and the submission of supporting documents.

  • Academic scholarships and financial aid grants can be combined.

It is to be noted that the payment of the grants implies the attendance of the courses and a behavior in line with the values of the UM6P. Except in special cases, scholarships are suspended in case a year repeat.